The AMMHL is Alberta’s minor midget league, made for players who are 15 years of age and reside within the province.

This league came together as an amalgamation of other midget leagues in Alberta. Today, there are two large divisions, South and North, who very much play separate schedules from each.

However, for the second year, the AMMHL will use an interlocking schedule between the South and North (2013-14). The league’s approximate guess is that there will be four games on interlocking play, scheduled to be most efficient for travel and costs.

ammhl The 26-team league is comprised of a mix of athletic clubs and travel teams alike, ranging in size from Calgary to Camrose. The best players from the AMMHL move up to the Western League or go on to play major midget within the province. In rare instances, players will make the jump to the AJHL, but it’s more common to let them develop as 16 and even 17 year-olds against their peers.

Provincial finals in this league are held in a round-robin format with six teams. As the round-robin shifts into a playoff bracket the winner is crowned provincial champion. The provincial championship is held annually in late March. There are also the AMMHL Sutter Cup championships–one for the North, one for the South–that work in a tournament format to crown a champion for each division.

Overall, the AMMHL is a league devoted to development and scouting. Teams play a load of games in front of scouts, get a taste of travel and most of all get to play hockey at an elite level.

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